00 : Prerequisite for the Course

In a Hurry:

I vividly remember the 4th day of my first job, I used to make projects using Django and I cracked my first job all by myself without the help of college placements and I was so confident that I know Django and I will perform well. Last three days it was a technical presentation with our dev team in which we discussed Design patterns. Today, I was told to set up the codebase on a local server and I did, the moment setup was complete, I ran the development server and the webpages looked great on my local machine. In few minutes I jumped to the codebase and there It was.. 
I was all blank, I was like do I even know Django? Because I was not able to understand most of the lines of code, I was in terror,I did not know what to do. I thought I am not competent for the job. I called the mentor who was assigned to me and explained the scenario. Did she tell me to open Github and see the codebase and asked how many commits are there? 


I told her 8000+,

She : what do you think how many years it took us?
Me : I don't know exactly how many years. 
She: 5 years of consistent hard work it took us. How can a complete fresher understand all of it in 40-50 minutes? I joined the company 2 and half years back and I was also in the same state that you are, even worse because I had None whom I could talk to.

The moral of the story is the technology we use is built on the shoulders of thousands of people and don't expect to understand and develop a production-grade application in a week.

That's not the only story, I remember when I was learning Django in college, things would crash and I had days debugging, literally 1-2 days for a small bug.🐛 Man, the moment you decide to learn development, You should have perseverance because that can take you to mars! Be ready to face bugs, error traceback, and search the internet, because that the point of learning. Happy Debugging.🐣

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